What we do

Business Valuation

We offer valuation of business enterprise for their financial reporting, mergers & acquisitions, financing, joint ventures, public flotation or pre-IPO restructuring. A professional and independent fair value opinion supported by precise financial models, with a detailed analysis of the background of the business enterprise and their assets. Our reports always present with full justification of our opinions.

Property Valuation

Property valuers play a pivotal role in today’s business climate. A true and well supported opinion of property value can be used for securing a loan, closing a deal for acquisition or disposal, reporting to auditors, IPO purpose. We believe that a solid appraisal report can be a strategic asset for investors, lenders and owners, provided that it addresses both a property’s unique characteristics.

Artwork Valuation

Art valuation is a part of financial valuation that deals with the estimation of the fair market value of works of art. The practice of art valuation combines the techniques of financial valuation with subjective views on the cultural value and significance of a particular artwork. Art valuation is a sophisticated branch of financial valuation since it requires a high level of expertise in valuation methods, as well as deep knowledge of the art world. It can be used for different purposes, including investments in works of art, tax planning, and insurance. Valuation of artwork is a perfect example of why financial valuation is both an art and a science.